Grill A La Turka menu with delicious Turkish food in Wilhelmshaven.

The menu includes delicious traditional Turkish dishes.


Open every day!

Phone Number: 0 4421 - 777 666

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Grill a La Turka offers a Turkish fast food and traditional Italian pizzeria.

Turkish specialties include pocket dishes as well as plate dishes and Turkish pizza such as Lahmacun.

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The menu is big and everyone will find it.

Look at the opening hours.

Traditional Italian pizzeria.

The Italian pizzeria in Wilhelmshaven always offers delicious pizza prepared in a traditional way.

The food is always freshly prepared, the salads too.

There are many variations of pizza with doner meat.

Look at the approach.

Lecker gegrillten auf dem Grill vom a La Turka Imbiss mit leckeren türkischen Essen in Wilhelmshaven.